Our Focus is Technology

Which Enables Credit Unions to Focus on their Members

Pure IT Credit Union Services (a CUSO) began as a partnership between a Credit Union and a group of Technology Services Professionals who joined together in an effort to help move Credit Unions toward cost effective, cutting edge and business enabling technology. The outcome was a successful engagement that resulted in a very unique partnership. Two companies coming together to serve the Credit Union Industry; two companies with a shared vision of providing business value through technology to increase services to members.

As a team we believe in the Credit Union cooperative model and we are dedicated to helping Credit Unions raise the level of technology and member services. We do not reinvent the wheel but we use tried and proven, cutting edge technologies. We apply these to Credit Union strategy, Credit Union business needs, and creating efficient IT system management that propels our clients forward. We make it easy for our Credit Union clients to architect and maintain their systems for compliance, security, audit, and technology advancement.


We believe in the CU philosophy of people first, believe quality service is important, and know our IT services are tools to help accomplish and propel your primary CU mission of serving members. The primary goal of your Credit Union is to focus on members’ needs. But as a heavily regulated and 24/7/365 services business there is a constant need to keep Information Technology (IT) systems updated for security, compliance, performance and technical advances. These are daunting tasks for most Credit Unions but these tasks still have to be a constant focus.

Pure IT Credit Union Services partners with Credit Unions to bring forward new technologies that help meet these requirements while also coupling technology with business logic, updates, and logging to allow a Credit Union to focus where it needs to – on its’ members.

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