Pure IT’s Solutions

Consulting Services


At Pure IT, we have built a practice around solving IT issues for Credit Unions.  We help Credit Unions identify gaps in their infrastructure and then work together with our clients to resolve those gaps. Our staff of experienced architects provide clear documentation and have open and transparent conversations to help Credit Unions understand what is working well, what may need improvement, what may be a business or security priority, as well as how much those improvements may cost.


Our team of IT engineers, technicians, and consultants help remediate any issues uncovered during an assessment. With a clear process, priority list, and agreed upon schedule we quickly work to improve Credit Union’s IT systems.  The end result, the Credit Union is well prepared to take the next step towards any larger infrastructure projects.


After remediation, we design the future state architecture to support the Credit Union’s goals. We have experienced Enterprise Architects who listen for business goals, understand business processes, and help create an overall holistic IT architecture that meets the specialized needs of the Credit Union. The architecture and IT strategy go hand-in-hand to support and enable your Credit Union’s overall business strategy.

Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure (VDI)

Our ‘Pure IT Micro Cloud’ also adds the ability to have completely virtualized environments for the desktop infrastructure (VDI). Instead of managing dozens or hundreds of separate desktops in various locations, you can manage all of the desktops as a centralized service. VDI saves time and money while providing greater defense against catastrophic failure, improving upon updates to desktop applications, and providing an easy way to customize the desktops based on business logic and policy. Every bit of the communication is encrypted and desktops are both secure and fast.  This allows Credit Union IT staff to support their internal employees and Credit Union employees can now serve members from anywhere.  

Advisory Service

Many Credit Unions have great technology staff who handle daily operations but have limited experience addressing strategy or technology roadmaps. Other Credit Unions have strategic technology leaders who have a full plate and who need assistance addressing significant issues, project or service evaluation, large infrastructure refresh, or executive and board reporting. Our CIO, CTO, & CISO Advisor Service is tailored specifically to each Credit Union’s need. We start each relationship with an assessment to understand the Credit Union’s goals, needs, and desired outcomes. We then work with the CU executive team to identify the potential time and activities needed to help the Credit Union. Our Technology Executives become part of your team and your Credit Union’s mission, goals, and strategy. We provide transparent, honest, technical advice and input from a business perspective so you can make the best decisions for your Credit Union. Our advice may include reviewing audits, assessments, or providing technical or security guidance for the credit union. As the CIO/CTO/CISO for a credit union, we will aid credit union management in assessing and overseeing its business, technology, and security relationships. We will evaluate and consult on solutions that the credit union needs or that service providers offer to them. This includes but is not limited to NCUA examination needs.

SQL Database
Administration as a Service

Database servers need to be properly configured, maintained and monitored to ensure that they are performing in an optimal manner with the highest level of availability to maximize your company’s overall performance from both an application and end-user perspective. It is imperative that the server is configured with best practices to ensure optimum performance. As important as overall performance, is the ability to recover in the event of a data loss event. A data loss event can be anything from a simple accidental delete by an end-user, to a server loss, all the way to a complete site failure. Whether your need is for only tuning and performance, development/project tasks, to the overall management of all your databases, SQL DBA-aaS can address your needs. We have the DBAs with the skill set and experience needed to provide the services needed in order to ensure your database server is operating efficiently and effectively while making certain the data is protected to your standards.

Pure IT’s Solutions

Managed Services

Typical IT teams will spend 90% or more of their time firefighting issues within their environment and assisting users. Credit Union staff often have little time left to work on strategic projects that move technology, security, and stability forward. Here at Pure IT, we strive to free Credit Union staff for higher business needs. Once a new environment is designed and implemented, we have the ability to provide Managed Services whereby the daily management of your environment is simply a monthly service. That 7x24x365 support includes proactive monitoring and management, regular updates (tested and verified against the client software requirements), policy management based upon business needs, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Our Managed Service offering frees up your IT team to focus on high value member applications and member services while we take care of the infrastructure foundation activities.

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