A Second Look at Microsoft Office 365


If you haven’t taken a second look lately, it’s time to evaluate all the services available to your credit union in your Office 365 account.  You may have heard news about recent updates to the consumer level Office 365 offerings (link below).  Why would this be of interest to credit unions you ask?  It is of interest because many credit unions haven’t evaluated what’s available to them in their own enterprise version of Office 365 lately.   You have many services you may not be using and you are probably paying another provider for the same overlapping service.  There can be good reasons to separate out service between vendors depending on your risk tolerance and strategy, but that should always be a conscious decision to pay more for your business need. 

Microsoft continues to expand and improve the services in Office 365.  If your credit union needs spam, anti-virus, encryption, or basic DLP for email or is trying to increase collaboration, you should take a second look at what is available in your Office 365 subscription.  If you’d like to talk about Office 365 and how credit unions are using the tools please reach out to us at info@nullpureitcuso.com.


Reference: https://blogs.office.com/en-us/2018/04/05/defend-yourself-from-cybercrime-with-new-office-365-capabilities/


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