Lone Star Credit Union – Their IT Success Story

So how can a credit union use IT for business enablement and move it away from just a cost center? Watch this episode with PureIT Credit Union Solutions CEO Jack Smith and Lone Star Credit Union COO/CIO Becky Reed as they explain how to achieve this goal — especially from Becky’s success story perspective.

  • Moving IT out of a cost center or away from a cost center view.
  • IT should grow members, help ROA, further the CU business goals.
  • Technology is involved in everything CUs do, Everything!
  • IT needs to be at the table, to be part of our CU businesses.
  • When IT is used in a correct, strategic manner, credit unions become Nimble & Faster to improve member service and services.
  • Technology view is needs to be broader – people, skills, business management, and the IT infrastructure.
  • It’s more than one or two key apps, it is a strategic conversation and view.
  • IT needs to have business conversations around technology.
  • You can get real answers to what IT is doing or not doing, what solutions options & costs are available, and plan for helping current & future CU growth goals.
  • It isn’t always about buying more ‘stuff’ or switching out your IT ‘stuff’.  It is about what the business needs and the path to getting there.
  • Results:
    • technology & business road map aligned
    • front line operations working with IT
    • much more efficient processes to serve members
    • scale without IT purchases for the next 3-5 years
    • we are more forward thinking without wondering if IT can actually do what is needed for our next CU business decision.
  • Yes“, IT can support what the CU & Executive team want to do next.
  • IT is a now a partner and no longer just support.



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