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Pure IT Credit Union Services Announces its’ Mission and Vision Statements

January 16, 2017 @ 10:00am

From November 14th thru the 16th, 2016 Pure IT Credit Union Services held its inaugural leadership meeting, bringing together the Co-Founders and key stakeholders in the CUSO to formalize the culture, vision, and strategy of the organization.

One of the primary goals of this meeting was to brainstorm and arrive at consensus around “who” we want to be, what is our purpose as an organization, and what is our vision? Our VP of Professional Services, Steve Koinm, played the role of facilitator and moderator for the meeting and started by asking each member of the group to think about “what do we want our company to be and why”?

CEO, Jack Smith, opened up with “I think we want to be a legacy company” not one that is focused on any single event other than working hard to do the right things by our customers. Our leadership team unanimously agreed that striving to serve our customers should be the number one goal of our CUSO. Not just external customers but serving our internal customers as well; those individuals that we hire, train and groom to take over our responsibilities as this organization matures. If our guiding principle is always to take care of those we serve then we may make mistakes, but those mistakes will be honest and pure and only made in an effort to do the right thing by those we serve. Those are mistakes we can correct, learn, and live with but should not be detrimental to our CUSO or our customers.

The team came up with many key words and phrases to define our characteristics such as: Quality, Leadership, Maturity, Personal/Professional Growth, Strategic, Elevating the CU Industry, Business Value/Enablement, People, Thought Leadership, Legacy, Trust, Education and Doing the Right Thing. From these characteristics the Mission and the Vision of the organization was born.
Today, Pure IT Credit Union Services is proud to announce its’ Mission and Vision statements.

Pure IT’s Mission Statement:

As an industry-trusted thought leader, our mission is to enable business growth and value thru strategic partnership. We partner to assess, educate, provide best practices and implement quality solutions to elevate your Credit Union’s ability to exceed its’ goals and service to its’ members.

For the vision statement we wanted something simple and succinct that really cut to the core of what we want this CUSO to be.

Pure IT’s Vision Statement:

Pure excellence in service.

Pure IT Credit Union Services is a Credit Union Services Organization formed by a group of industry leaders who sought to bring their expertise in many other industries to bear specifically to help the Credit Union Industry. We provide consulting and professional services to Assess, Remediate, Architect, Deploy, and Manage infrastructure services for Credit Unions.


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