Technical Operations

We Help Credit Unions by Transforming them into Financial Technology Institutions.

Our Technical Operations and Projects team is involved in the management and implementation of technology systems. This includes the implementation of new technologies, the maintenance and optimization of existing systems, and continued monitoring and alerting as part of our Managed Services offerings. Our team has a deep understanding of virtualized environments and physical hardware.
Our primary goal is to ensure that technology is used efficiently and effectively. This includes coordinating and managing multiple priorities and adhering to your custom technology roadmap. This also involves the development of strategies and processes to ensure that technology is used in the most effective manner possible. Projects may involve the development of new software or hardware, the integration of existing systems, or the implementation of new processes. Technical operations also involve the day-to-day management of technology-related tasks, such as system maintenance, troubleshooting, and user support.

Our process

ARM Model

The Pure IT Digital Transformation Model

We help credit union leaders navigate through issues they are facing with technology, strategy, project completion, or ongoing support needs so that they can lead the credit union toward the alignment of their strategic goals, efficiently and within budget. Pure IT will help you identify improvement opportunities within your technology systems and IT processes that will help address and mitigate the risks in the environment. We offer strategic guidance and roadmaps to move credit unions closer to meeting their goals and priorities (security risks, goal alignment, and financial impact).
We accelerate your digital transformation and technology strategy. Our team of IT engineers, technicians, and consultants help optimize and remediate issues uncovered during an assessment and identified on the credit union’s strategic roadmap. With a clear process, priority list, and an agreed upon schedule, we quickly work to move the credit union toward their goals.
Pure IT is an extension of your staff with our Managed Services offerings. No matter the current level of your credit union, we can help you become a Financial and Technology Institution that is agile and flexible to meet the current and evolving demands of your members. We understand that Credit Union IT Departments vary in size, budget, and experience. Our services are flexible and built to suit your specific needs and goals, with the level of support you determine to be appropriate. We would love the opportunity to get to know your credit union to see if a partnership with Pure IT would be beneficial to your organization.