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Pure IT Credit Union Services provides strategic IT Consulting, Assessments, Projects, and Managed Services for credit unions looking to elevate technology to enable their organization and gain a competitive edge. Comprised of a team of experienced architects and consultants, Pure IT is a trusted partner that provides clear documentation and strategy roadmaps to better position credit unions to serve their members.

The Risk Registry – the Business Risk “Honey-do” List

How do you track all the risk issue “to-dos” in your organization? Every project seems to have a long tail of issues to be resolved even after a project moves to production status. I always try to draw a parallel to something we use every day to help illustrate theContinue reading

Navigating the Storm: Credit Unions Strategize Ahead

  With leadership asking how to turn immediate survival moves into a long-term plan, strategy has become our collective central mission. This webinar identifies steps to carve out the new credit union model, while we adapt to serve. In their latest on-demand webinar, Steve Koinm, VP of Professional Services, andContinue reading

An Agile Career: this is Jordan’s Journey

From Retail Manager to SCRUM Practitioner in One Year – this is Agility in Action. On a bustling afternoon, Jordan Orta took time away from managing projects and wrangling engineers to sit down for a conversation on how she is living the agile philosophy. “I never set out to beContinue reading