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Pure IT Credit Union Services provides strategic IT Consulting, Assessments, Projects, and Managed Services for credit unions looking to elevate technology to enable their organization and gain a competitive edge. Comprised of a team of experienced architects and consultants, Pure IT is a trusted partner that provides clear documentation and strategy roadmaps to better position credit unions to serve their members.

How to Avoid the Top 5 Reasons for DevOps Failures

We recently ran across an excellent article about the top 5 reasons for DevOps failures and how to avoid them.  It is a great read and we wanted to share it with our Credit Union friends.  In summary, it is very much the same reasons that many other initiatives withinContinue reading

Business Resiliency for Credit Union: Save Money, Resources, and Time for Your DR Plan

Pure IT Credit Union Services CEO, Jack Smith, stopped by the Studio Lounge to explain what business resiliency for credit unions means and why it’s so important in today’s financial services arena. Jack help explained how credit unions of all sizes can use technology to save money, resources, and time when it comes to disasterContinue reading

Proposed Jail Time for CEO’s and CISO’s That Do Not Protect Your Data

Did you ever have a time when you saw a little news blurb and thought, “That’s great news!  Wait…maybe that’s not so good for me?”  I had one of those moments today. Keeping up with the day’s news, I came across a blurb about U.S. Senator Ron Wyden proposing a bill to correct what heContinue reading