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Pure IT Credit Union Services provides strategic IT Consulting, Assessments, Projects, and Managed Services for credit unions looking to elevate technology to enable their organization and gain a competitive edge. Comprised of a team of experienced architects and consultants, Pure IT is a trusted partner that provides clear documentation and strategy roadmaps to better position credit unions to serve their members.

Time to Tighten Down the Newly Remote Credit Union

Now that remote work is here to stay, credit unions are tasked to evaluate and strengthen their technology through a compliant and secure lens. On this episode of the CU Broadcast, Alex Hernandez, Vice President of Emerging Technologies with DefenseStorm, joins Kyle Stutzman, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business DevelopmentContinue reading

Why Protecting Basic PII is SO Important

This week we have been helping one of our client credit unions deal with an insidious fraud scheme. Members of this credit union are getting what appears to be a normal text message notifying them about a potentially fraudulent charge on their Debit cards. It says: XXX CU: Please verifyContinue reading

The Risk Registry – the Business Risk “Honey-do” List

How do you track all the risk issue “to-dos” in your organization? Every project seems to have a long tail of issues to be resolved even after a project moves to production status. I always try to draw a parallel to something we use every day to help illustrate theContinue reading