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Pure IT Credit Union Services provides strategic IT Consulting, Assessments, Projects, and Managed Services for credit unions looking to elevate technology to enable their organization and gain a competitive edge. Comprised of a team of experienced architects and consultants, Pure IT is a trusted partner that provides clear documentation and strategy roadmaps to better position credit unions to serve their members.

Steps Ahead: Credit Union Tech Strategies Adapt

Pure IT Credit Union Service Co-Founders Jack Smith and Kyle Stutzman join Mike Lawson three months after their last conversation, to talk credit union strategy as the business world forges ahead. In this episode of the CU Broadcast, they discuss the fundamental pivot from initial crisis management steps taken inContinue reading

When Does it Belong in the Incident Management Plan vs Business Continuity Plan

While working on a Business Continuity Plan for one of our Credit Union clients last week I ran into this question from my client. Just for a little history and context, they had built a Business Continuity Plan out several years ago. It was being regularly updated, but they wereContinue reading

CDC and OSHA: Reopening Standards for Credit Unions

With leadership tasked to outline their path to reopening, we would like to share these standards on workplace safety. As each credit union aligns the specific conditions of their geographic location, membership and staff, the Center for Disease Control and U.S. Department of Labor and Occupation Safety Health Administration offerContinue reading