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Assessments & Roadmaps


Our assessment is a comprehensive review of an organization’s people, processes, technology, and business maturity. It includes an analysis of the organization’s current state as well as opportunities aligned with the desired future state and gaps that may exist. The assessment provides a baseline for the development of a strategic roadmap. The combined efforts identify the current technology capabilities, the vision for the future, and development of a plan to get there. The strategic roadmap outlines the assessments findings, prioritized initiatives, layered over a 3-year timeframe for achieving the Organization’s desired future state.


Technology plays an important role in this, as it can help organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the levels of service. By conducting an Assessment and creating a strategic roadmap, Organization’s can ensure that they are able to provide the best possible services and products. This includes continued market relevance, proactive approach to the organization’s current and future maturity while maintaining the best possible experience.
Where does an assessment start?
Pure IT Assessments analyze an organization through identification of the current state, discussions around the vision and direction and the creation of a Strategic Roadmap, identifying a path forward.
What's in an assessment?
The types of Pure IT Assessments can include an analysis of the entire Organization’s current state, business goals and drivers (Pure IT’s Infrastructure & Operations Assessment), or a more tailored and concentrated engagement focused on the Organizations Technology direction (Pure IT’s Technology Assessment).

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