What is a Pure IT Assessment?

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What is a Pure IT Assessment?

Pure IT assessments help credit unions understand where they sit today, where they want to be, and how we can help them get there. Last March, Erin Hicks, SVP of Client Success, and Trent Henson, CIO, joined Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast on an episode all about assessments.

An Infrastructure and Operations assessment gives a holistic view of four crucial areas: people, process, business, and technology. Other assessments, like a Technology or Network assessment, are geared specifically toward those areas.

An assessment can help your organization:

  • Document findings and recommendations on the current state of the organization
  • Identify gaps in processes, staffing, technology, security, and other key areas
  • Create a three-year strategic roadmap in phases relevant to your institution

In the video, Trent mentions the language barrier that exists between tech-talk (AKA techno-babble-o-geek-speak) and business language. During these assessments, the Pure IT team can act as your translator, guiding conversations between all key business areas to support organizational growth and success as they relate to technology.

These assessments are a great way to bridge the gap between business and IT with a guided path forward. Contact our team to see how we can help your credit union achieve your goals!

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