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Introducing Cloud+Union, a next-gen software and hardware package to help small credit unions utilize cloud technology.

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Laying the Foundation for Cloud Technology Growth

Network Implementation

Secure Business Email

Identity Access Management

Simplified Collaboration

Security and Compliance

Pure IT Managed Services

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 Enhanced security is a vital component of any technology solution. Cloud+Union was created with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, adding a level of security across all products. Cloud+Union also includes top-performing antivirus, antimalware, and ransomware protection. Identity Access Management protocols protect your data and control where, how, when, and who accesses it


Collaboration between employees is simplified, streamlined, and secure, with a new Microsoft Teams implementation, just for Credit Unions. Teams has the ability to chat, video call, file share, and can even become your organization's phone system. Cloud+Union wouldn't be complete without top-of-the-line Exchange Online Business Email with built-in Phishing and Spam Protection.


Cloud+Union is equipped with Data Loss Prevention tools to contain potential out-of-compliance activities and alert administrators of possible intrustions. There is reporting across all cloud products, helping you meet compliance and regulatory needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pieces of network hardware will you replace?
Included with Cloud+Union is replacing your on-premises firewall, switches, and access points across a maximum of 2 branches.
Will Pure IT become my Managed Service Provider?
Yes! As a CUSO, Pure IT is expertly positioned to handle your credit union's managed services.
Who is a candidate for Cloud+Union?
Cloud+Union was created as a solution for small credit unions to address their security, access, and technology needs. For more information on eligibility, fill out the form above.
How long will it take to get to the Cloud?
Becoming fully cloud-native is a journey - one that is constantly evolving due to the nature of technology. Cloud+Union is intended to be your partner in taking the first step.
What are the limitations of Cloud+Union?
Because Cloud+Union technologies are focus on moving away from on-premises hardware, support for Legacy equipment is capped at 4 hours per month. Cloud+Union does not manage money or core platforms.

Why Cloud+Union?

“Cloud Union is a game-changer for small credit unions seeking secure and compliant IT services. With its cutting-edge technology and dedicated team, Cloud Union delivers peace of mind, allowing credit unions to focus on what matters most – serving their members. This innovative product is a testament to the power of collaboration and technological advancement for the financial industry.”
Jack Smith, CEO, Pure IT
“With information security a top priority, providing access to modern, cloud-based technology creates a direct line for credit unions to work smarter, not harder. Envisant stands behind credit unions to connect them with tools that propel them toward digital transformation and incredible member service, all while maintaining the highest security standards. Cloud+Union with Pure IT is a partnership that we’re extremely proud of because it is specifically designed to provide that access and ease the transformation for credit unions.”
Libby Calderone, President and COO, Envisant